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Shipping and Payments

This online portal provides fast and reliable delivery. Our delivery plan is clear. For queries about our delivery procedure read our complete delivery plan. All the purchases are delivered within 24-48 business days after the purchases are placed as per the availability of the products.

After the order is placed the customer care executive delivers an e-mail as soon as the transaction is prepared efficiently. It will also discuss the length of your energy and energy (working days) within which the transaction will appear. If, the transaction does not reach in predetermined time or gets lost you are suggested to get in touch with us by e-mail displayed on the website. Also discuss the get in touch with the variety and the transaction details and you will be approached as soon as possible within 24-48 organization time with the finish purchase position. If still shipping cannot be monitored or requires more than the specified time, the distribution guarantee of the company will come into effect. We will straight away look into the matter and take immediate action and if required the transaction will be re-shipped with no extra charges, or a money returning refund will be started.

Firstly when you create the transaction with the company you will be given an alert contact and an E-mail with the transaction bill, critical the invoice of the transaction, thus deliver you a copy of detailed bill. In situation, if you do not get these announcements, then it is understood that the transaction was not recorded into our system and so it cannot be prepared and delivered. Within two business days after the transaction is prepared efficiently by the company, you will receive delivery notice,advising that the transaction has been delivered,and that you can look out for distribution within a predetermined time period as per the delivery method you have selected. Shipments are trackable. It is possible by the mail monitoring variety provided by the show shipping organization once your parcel is delivered. Through this variety you can keep finish watch on the movement of your shipping till it gets delivered.

If the transaction does not appear on the specified time shape immediately get in touch with us. We will get returned to you with the courier's tracking number for the shipment and guidance for using this variety to study the position of your shipping. If still you are not able to track the transaction, the money score will be sent returning to your credit card, equal to the amount of your purchase, or we will ship the transaction again.

The customer care executive will send e-mail to you in within 24 Business time after putting in the transaction, verifying that your payment has received final approval. An email will also state the time frame when you can anticipate distribution. Your purchase will take 8-12 days (working days) if shipping is done through EMS, and requires 15-20 days (working days) if shipping is done through registered publish.